Sunday, October 14, 2012

• M E M O R I E S E I R O M E M • R E C U E R D A S A D R E U C E R •

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". . . if a pre ordained existence is reality, and common sense mathematics implies a strong possibility, then in a strange way, it supports the odds of an afterlife. After all, how could we be predestined without a grand intelligent plan that involved us personally. The possibility of a predestined—perhaps soul in waiting—tilts the scale of probability towards a life outside what we know."
- Steve Hartnett (Excerpt from his writings on, "Predestination")

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Feel it Coming On...

I Feel it Coming On..., originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

in memory of

in memory of, originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

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Days turn into weeks turn into years turn into hydrogen turn into helium & oxygen and the elements get heavier and heavier until the celestial weight crashes into itself and
*that* is the definition of time.
We are all adrift on the same Titanic.

.... this was on my trek from Monetery CA to Dallas TX. Groveland CA is just outside of Yosemite, my pilgrimage target point.... ;)
(taken with an iphone 3g or 3gs (it was summer 2010) with hipstamatic, unedited)