Friday, April 10, 2015


She has a dream, a dream that she has had since the age of five. What can a five year-old dream that would still hold true as an adult?Her little heart clutched so tightly to her dream,her grasp was painful at times; her hands would become numb, stiff, and painful,but she held on tight and never let go.As a child, she was angelic, audacious;as an adult, she has become a little cynical and bitter, as the business of growing up has shown her the darker side of what she once thought was a perfect, bright world.Things are not all bad,as she still has her dream. The dream to cause a positive affect on others,to see and experience everything there is to see,even if it’s frightening; she knows that one must face their own fears to gain anything.Shaking things up, speaking out on issues that matter,and fighting for what she believes in is her passion, and she always made it her first priority.It’s not always serious business for her, though.She is a flighty bird, giddy, and a fan of laughing and loving until it hurts.This is her favorite side of herself; this side dances around the living room, pretending she is on a street in Italy or Paris with her lover.Being a lover of foreign culture has also motivated her to be fluent in any beautiful language, even if only in her dreams and fantasies. What could be more fulfilling or fun?We all need to leave the cynical adult behind, and dream big, dream hard, and dream like we did as a child.