Friday, August 31, 2012

Chasms: Mine is the Curse of Expectation.

Via Flickr:
She could sense its vacuum from a distance far beyond the hollow air that rushed in to fill the void across this canyon...
A chasm spanning ten million miles wide, its bowels cut wide open, deeper than the most distant molecule in space...

She could see a distant, almost transparent apparition standing very still and watching her with no expression.., she stood precisely where the sun would set.

All the while, knowing that this far-off stranger was not a stranger at all.

I was She and She was Me, and despite our fate to spend eternity alone, We shared a finite moment within an infinite expanse.

(They became We - She & Me).

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Don't Bring Me Down

Don't Bring Me Down, originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

Via Flickr:
Continuum Days

Living today’s tomorrow, stuck in a loop
It’s like running wild inside a chicken’s coop
Like a bird trapped in a golden cage
Or as rose caught in the fires of Rage
An epitome of goodness, but what’s the cost
Is the punishment something you gain, or something you’ve lost?
A ghost in Heaven, that’s who I am
A ghost, a memory, a remnant walking the streets of Adamne
Something mistaken for nothing
A royalty perhaps, a broken empire, you’re king
Eggshells in a window, must it be so?
My heart says yes, but yours says no
A welded grin and eyes like butterflies
To trust, that would be very unwise
A silence like a future, entropic bites
Everyone must win their fights
Armageddon, my very finest
My love, my courage,
My soul depressed.

(author unknown)

*(in lucid terms, this is me getting a facial...)! :)

*aremaC -
Lots of stuff here but I'll try to remember:

1. Speed of light 2. Sutro 3. Type (?) a bw one, 4. striped, I clarified the mask from a filter I made (I'm not sure how to upload yet!), and also masked along some of the vertical lines... :) - for starters.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

No, Now No More

Untitled, originally uploaded by cajaygle.

Lift up the loss of my love,
on to my tired old wings,
on to my back,
and there I will carry,
and I will cry for her,
the woman I married.
She sat on her throne,
as my goddess, my one and only love,
from our first days as children
where we did meet. Now our home

*Poem By –


boundaries, originally uploaded by Humphrey King.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What makes the universe so hard to comprehend is that there's nothing to compare it with.

Via Flickr:
(Such careless perfection naturally accentuated complex and omnipotent shadow vs. light-play, repeating soft and familiar melodies.
Her happiest consideration was these familiar and harmonious vibrations that every cell within her could recite by heart).

*** this was initially a photograph created by Francesca Woodman, a brilliant, eccentric photographer that took her own life at the age of 22. Perhaps i find her work so compelling because of the inredible amount of emotion, creativity, and even prophetic quality to her art, mostly self portraiture in black and white; very slow shutter speeds to create her fascinating trademark style of hauntingly, even disconcertingly dark and mysterious photos. I initially began editing a photo from google just for my own entertainment, but this casual past time began to grow into an entire collection of unique and personal pieces. I'm just glad I kept following this "rabbit hole," so that I could actually publish them... :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

What makes the universe so hard to comprehend is that there's nothingto compare it with.

Via Flickr:
(Such careless perfection naturally accentuated complex and omnipotent shadow vs. light-play, repeating soft and familiar melodies.
Her happiest consideration was these familiar and harmonious vibrations that every cell within her could recite by heart).

Sunday, August 12, 2012


There is a shark inside his heart; take no notice if he tells you different
it eats from the inside out, its teeth extra sharp its bite more deadly than the volcanoes surge; he has swallowed so much lava he can only taste
the blood and dirt – choking on his plagued verbatim as his tongue
hangs loose; he has dreamt long now of a truce.
Pride will take him down screaming – for this snake cannot shed skin
though he rattles and rolls amongst his contemporary playmates.
He can only write what aches and haunts on the walls that have besieged him. And so it festers this dark temperament; it eats on the bones then buries itself in fields and fields of gold, for it is the dream he tried so hard to awaken.
They say a snake and pig cannot live an authentic life, too many bad stars in a different hemisphere with the same urban sky brush stroked with empyrean amber – silver blue smoke clouds the eyes; everything so much colder.
Although well acquainted with female psychology, he neither likes nor understands her casting a critical eye – yet continues to creep each night into her boudoir, watching intently the hot steam that escapes from her aura. The sight of her uncurled in his grip – awaiting in trepidation their twin souls in flight. He can only look away as her dreams die swiftly – shape shifted into a silent Macabre dance. The self sacrifice of a pigs heart for the gluttonous sake of a love he fed her in dribs and drabs. She loves to be the martyr. They will hold each other at times alone in a snow globe looking out through all the devastation, his touch will electrify her and their eyes will lock with that age old understanding – it was always the moments that mattered. But she cannot keep him from his hunting – those sharp teeth and shark heart needing constant new amusement, his compassion waned. His soul dyed every different shade of anthracite lines – the edges will blur and he’ll lose sight of her. His deception deep sprung from a well of venom, burned coldly into her immense sorrowful eyes. In the end she will have no choice but to leave and yet she will forever look blindly for his silhouette wandering the earth dazed.

**Unable to determine source.


Finding Beauty and Using it as Fuel

Sometimes . . .

I find myself lost in a darker place

and these are the times 

that my only remedy 

is to live vicariously 

through the eyes of a child... 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Francesca, I Felt Your Soul Die.

Francesca Woodman was only 22 years old when she took her own life. Her photographs haunt me in such a way that I can almost hear them trying to speak aloud... I find myself losing myself in her work. I'd highly recommend taking a look at her photography, or even watching, "The Woodmans," a documentary on Francesca and her parents...
I didn't want to post anything too similar to her original pieces, so her style is actually much different... And (I believe), exclusively in Black and white...

She was one of the perfectly blessed/cursed ones.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 199Pink is the new Black and Black is BAck so beat that!EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 207EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 142EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 138EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 110
Let the Sun Shine Down on MEEDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 167EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 090EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 016EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 139EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 199
EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 103Staring down, down, into the abyss.Little piece of Kelp, floating listlessly across the angry ocean.Mystery Door.through the bars the sun shines in.Ana Pt. II
pacific flowers with the best viewEDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 069layers and layers of oddity all rolled into one.bouquetgolden locks say goodbye to the setting sun (again)golden locks wave goodbye to a setting sun.  Our sun., a set on Flickr.

It's fascinating to see where my photography/artistic endeavors began, the journey in the rather strange regions within my own mind, and where it stands now...

I considered cleaning out the massive amounts of photos on this Flickr account and only keeping the ones that I considered of "higher quality." BUT...(!) Despite the fact that a lot of these photos (let's be totally honest here!) just basically suck - some of the earliest ones in particular - (and yet I'd sometimes surprise myself as well!), they are all part of this continuous journey.

I started this process with a criminal justice background & absolutely no photography experience what-so-ever beyond a Kodak disposable, and I've endured so many things in these three years that I see act like fingerprints on all of this chaos! Everything is contributing to a story.

With no formal training, I admittedly feel a certain sense of pride/gratification in seeing a few growth spurts along the way...!

Basically.., this has been a long, terrifying, euphoric, embarrassing, painful, humorous, spiritual, and enriching adventure and each photograph contributes a little piece of the story.
That said, I've decided to leave them exactly as they are!
*in this set, that's oldest-to-newest!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Never Trust the Ocean.

Never Trust the Ocean., originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

Via Flickr:
Sprinkled throughout my photostream is this little phrase, "never trust the ocean." I started using it because of the incredibly hazardous rip tides and currents that run along the pacific coast. Without fail, I would hear or read of at least one person, usually more, succumbing to the unfortunate fate of being carried out to sea and the bodies are never recovered. People - usually tourists - oftentimes do not respect the power and the surprising force that the ocean has within her.

••• طط باس باس باباس ьчЖьчЖьчЖ لنمو ضق جنديان •••


I can hear those bitter screams escaping my throat in perfect harmony with my lonely ghost.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Slowly Dripping Toward This Plane

Via Flickr:
*** I love the percolator upgrade because you can create high resolution results with the effects so subtle, I sometimes can't even tell which is "perked" and which is the original... This is invaluable to me because I love iphoneography, but too many apps have fascinating, or lovely results that are just way too small to even print (big frustration for me!!)! I've learned from experience that the quality of the photo does NOT improve if you just force up the resolution size, it needs to be basically recreated. Many app's do this but percolator is the most consistent one I've found that can do this for both the unique effects AND simply to create a larger version of an original like this one! This photo was originally run through Corel's free app, PaintItNow, which I love, but the res sucks! So... Viola! :)

Grind: Extra Fine (Smallest Circles & Effect: Sharpen), Brew: Color Gels (Full Pic & 1/4 Blended Circles), Serve: Black (Vignette Tone & Smooth Texture)

Friday, August 3, 2012

I am exceedingly and repulsed by all this humanity.
To my bewilderment and disgust,
I still yearn for a kind word or a gentle touch.
Yet.., those inevitable tears of rage and loneliness begin to fall..,
From a distance far beyond their steely whispers and hollow echoes ricochet
eternally across and around the canyon a million miles wide
and deeper than the most distant molecule in space ~
I can hear those bitter screams escape my throat ~
I begin choking on the vomit of you.

~ ~