Thursday, August 9, 2012

EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 199Pink is the new Black and Black is BAck so beat that!EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 207EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 142EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 138EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 110
Let the Sun Shine Down on MEEDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 167EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 090EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 016EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 139EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 199
EDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 103Staring down, down, into the abyss.Little piece of Kelp, floating listlessly across the angry ocean.Mystery Door.through the bars the sun shines in.Ana Pt. II
pacific flowers with the best viewEDITED and slaved over on 5-27-10 - 069layers and layers of oddity all rolled into one.bouquetgolden locks say goodbye to the setting sun (again)golden locks wave goodbye to a setting sun.  Our sun., a set on Flickr.

It's fascinating to see where my photography/artistic endeavors began, the journey in the rather strange regions within my own mind, and where it stands now...

I considered cleaning out the massive amounts of photos on this Flickr account and only keeping the ones that I considered of "higher quality." BUT...(!) Despite the fact that a lot of these photos (let's be totally honest here!) just basically suck - some of the earliest ones in particular - (and yet I'd sometimes surprise myself as well!), they are all part of this continuous journey.

I started this process with a criminal justice background & absolutely no photography experience what-so-ever beyond a Kodak disposable, and I've endured so many things in these three years that I see act like fingerprints on all of this chaos! Everything is contributing to a story.

With no formal training, I admittedly feel a certain sense of pride/gratification in seeing a few growth spurts along the way...!

Basically.., this has been a long, terrifying, euphoric, embarrassing, painful, humorous, spiritual, and enriching adventure and each photograph contributes a little piece of the story.
That said, I've decided to leave them exactly as they are!
*in this set, that's oldest-to-newest!

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