Saturday, August 25, 2012

Don't Bring Me Down

Don't Bring Me Down, originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

Via Flickr:
Continuum Days

Living today’s tomorrow, stuck in a loop
It’s like running wild inside a chicken’s coop
Like a bird trapped in a golden cage
Or as rose caught in the fires of Rage
An epitome of goodness, but what’s the cost
Is the punishment something you gain, or something you’ve lost?
A ghost in Heaven, that’s who I am
A ghost, a memory, a remnant walking the streets of Adamne
Something mistaken for nothing
A royalty perhaps, a broken empire, you’re king
Eggshells in a window, must it be so?
My heart says yes, but yours says no
A welded grin and eyes like butterflies
To trust, that would be very unwise
A silence like a future, entropic bites
Everyone must win their fights
Armageddon, my very finest
My love, my courage,
My soul depressed.

(author unknown)

*(in lucid terms, this is me getting a facial...)! :)

*aremaC -
Lots of stuff here but I'll try to remember:

1. Speed of light 2. Sutro 3. Type (?) a bw one, 4. striped, I clarified the mask from a filter I made (I'm not sure how to upload yet!), and also masked along some of the vertical lines... :) - for starters.

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