Saturday, August 4, 2012

Slowly Dripping Toward This Plane

Via Flickr:
*** I love the percolator upgrade because you can create high resolution results with the effects so subtle, I sometimes can't even tell which is "perked" and which is the original... This is invaluable to me because I love iphoneography, but too many apps have fascinating, or lovely results that are just way too small to even print (big frustration for me!!)! I've learned from experience that the quality of the photo does NOT improve if you just force up the resolution size, it needs to be basically recreated. Many app's do this but percolator is the most consistent one I've found that can do this for both the unique effects AND simply to create a larger version of an original like this one! This photo was originally run through Corel's free app, PaintItNow, which I love, but the res sucks! So... Viola! :)

Grind: Extra Fine (Smallest Circles & Effect: Sharpen), Brew: Color Gels (Full Pic & 1/4 Blended Circles), Serve: Black (Vignette Tone & Smooth Texture)

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