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I Can Become Anyone 5

I Can Become Anyone 5, originally uploaded by The_Real_McCoy.

The hunt
by maria gornell
You could wear it
heavy; a shroud
dark and mystic
a corpse, with toenails
that continue to grow
even as the earth
it lays in turns to frost.

It walks meek now
you can see behind its
eyes knowing - its
luck just ran out.
A society like this
can do that for you

take the fire from the belly
slit it throat to gut
and still come back
with a hammer
for the bones

surplus value
a weight of slavery
choked round his neck
a decapitation of dreams

children in classrooms
staring from windows
to know the meaning
of free their ancestors

They are coming for our souls

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The Newtonian Project

The Newtonian Project, originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

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I was just checking..., I'm pleased to report, the gravitational force that we all have come to find rather useful in countless areas..., it is alive and well with no signs of losing its dependability. :)

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17 | Sec et chaud (crépuscule) | Dry and hot (twilight)

10:43 PM “We question our sanity, determine we’ve gone mad, and fall into the pit of spent life. What do I want? That is the most difficult question, when really I have two very conflicting answers. One which will kill me, and at times this seems to be the most desirable.”
— Anna Westin’s Journal
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Coucher du soleil (au vieux port de Cayenne) pendant une marée basse extrême montrant le relief tumultueux du fond marin.

Sunset (at old harbor of Cayenne) during an extreme low tide showing the tumultuous relief of the sea bed.
Grand sur fond noir | Large on black | Darkr
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Cut.Down.(again). . . . We continue to lose our way, and the importance of legend and primal truth become lost within the storm of human nature.

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Too often I search for deeper meaning. Too often this is only my futile hope that the surface is only a part of the story and the true meaning is somehow hidden within its subatomic surface of memory. There are some areas of thought and land that mean exactly what they are trying to convey. It feels terribly empty and sad. Is nothing sacred any more?

California Landscapes and Desert

IG-180IG-209IG-96What's Left of a Golden HarvestPainted Planet that Lives (somewhere) in my Temporal Lobe.Levitation
fence fridayBenchesWater TroughIndian VillageCloudy SloughA Point
Water Bucket With FenceSingle file linesShot upSchlitzGreat Blue HeronDusk Drive
Dead flowersCant stop meRoss's Geese Taking Flight, SunsetDunesPacific Coast Highway (Big Sur)Highland, CA

This is a sacred place. And I do not use that description often. It is where my soul resides and I found a flickr group that has some compelling and lovely examples of why I still dream of returning here. To stay. I wanted to share this gift.