Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I honestly have a (one of many) weird quirk about feet.  They creep me out, especially guys' feet.  But any foot is bothersome if it gets too close to my space.  However, I always find myself taking pictures of feet.  Mostly my feet, (because they are always around) but the feet of others' as well.  Children's feet don't bother me . . . though I can't say at what age the feet become an aversion.  Yuck.  Feet.  That's kind of what I think.  It's not a phobia, just a minor oddity that I don't worry much about, since I have so many more that are more pressing.  Why am I blogging this?  Well, I realized how disproportionately high the feet (and hands)-to-other-photos ratio was and decided if I felt the need to take THAT many pictures of hands and feet. . . I should at least share them! 

*Below is another photograph by flickr member, Javiy.

*This photograph is from an earlier post from another flickr member,  Javiy ... called, "West Underwater."

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