Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It was either break down within myself and document it with photographs in order to keep my hands and body moving, or hurt something or someone, or end up in a public place, and likely be committed.  I chose the former.
-death valley, AZ Feb. 3 or 4 in 2010. I was found by a soul-killer.  This is what they do.

psychosis is bad no matter where you are, but perhaps having a breakdown in a desert with no suggestion of human life within a 100 mile radius is the most dignified place to have one (this wasn't the spot - note the little house/trailer in the background).

Layers are infinite and the beauty is unquenchable.

Just drive, shut up, and let me take the fucking pictures.

Driving Big Sur, I left my heart behind.  It was purely accidental, but I should have known this would happen.

See?? there it is. mummified.
If I believed in a God, I would assume that God was smiling down on this place in this moment.  But, I don't, so let's just say it's very pretty.

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~ Nelson Mandela