Friday, December 30, 2011

Pyote Air Force Base

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Pyote Air Force Base, a set by Noel Kerns on Flickr.

Perhaps the best photographer I've come across... I continue to be mesmerized by his work.

Via Flickr:
Built in 1942 to serve as a bomber training base; after the war it was used to melt aircraft down for scrap metal. Both the Enola Gay (first atomic bomb) & Bataan (Douglas MacArthur's plane) were sent here for destruction, but were rescued & preserved by the Smithsonian Institute.

The station was commonly referred to as the "Rattlesnake Bomber Base", because of the concentration of rattlers in this remote, west Texas location...not a fun hike to get to and from this spot at night!

For more information, including vintage pictures of this interesting old airfield, visit the Abandoned Airfields Site.

In 1985, the remains of the airfield, and this hangar specifically, were used as a set in the Kevin Costner movie 'Fandango'. For more information about this movie and the west Texas locations used in it's filming, visit this Fandango Fan Page. I actually wound up shooting three of the locations used for the movie during this road trip.

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