Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Last Battle Cry

This Book (of Secrets),
the -real- one
inside of us...
I was born;
despite my fears.
but they gave me this book.
they didn't know that my borrowing these words
would cause such devastation and damage.
You see, insight is sometimes unbearably painful, and if it must, will call upon it's ally - Denial.
What if Denial is dead?
Slaughtered at the battle of Wisdom -
along with Faith
and Courage?
Oh, they fought with such glory!
Such steadfast determination!
each uniquely able to command entire armies.
But . . , occasionally, the enemy simply grows too strong and their defeat becomes an impossibility -
and your forces are
out-witted, and finally,
There are always intolerable headaches. clawing & bouncing inside me.
The angry, glaring,, ones -
The worst one.s of ALL . . .
The most hate-full haters,
the soul-less and
the lost ones.
.the.cold.ones. .Such.a.Sad.Place.they.
.dissonance.breeds.despair. . . !

.still.intact.and.the.lucky.ones.will. ..eventually.die.from.prolonged.pain.of. .the.

The atoms are crushed open and all of their most secret secrets are strewn across the lawn until the wind carries them off and all of the hope in their hearts is carried with them until they are gone. The rhythm of the soul beats as one with the rhythm of the heart but when the soul dies in the dark the lyrics are lost. Thus, the mind is forced to break away from its orbit and gently fall apart.

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~ Nelson Mandela