Monday, September 6, 2010

Agnostics love rabbi's too

The Cosmic Mirror

"The words we say are spoken in the heavens. And yet higher. For they are His words, bouncing back to Him.

On Rosh Hashana, we say His words from His Torah recalling His affection for our world; He speaks them too, turning His attention back towards our earthly plane.

We cry out with all our essence in the sound of the shofar; He echos back, throwing all His essence inward towards His creation.
Together, man and G‑d rebuild creation."

~ by Tzvi Freeman

..... No, I'm not Jewish. I don't even know what "the shofar" is (tell me it's a Persian sofa and I'll believe you), but I love, love, LOVE this man's (I hope that's not an offensive way to address a Rabbi, but I mean well...), meditations and he is probably the one pinhole of spiritual light that ever makes its way to this strongly agnostic (because I hate the term atheist as it suggests that I'm arrogant enough to KNOW there is no god, rather than simply not be convinced) heart and "soul" that resides within me. Like a cold tall glass of water after a long day in the desert, these meditations always inspire me, be it by the message, or simply the almost song-like writing style Freeman uses with such apparent ease. Usually, it's both. I'm always using his meditations in blogs, facebook, TUMBLR, even flickr and personal journals.... It seemed only fair to really explain why. If indeed a "G-d" does exist-whatever that may look like-this rabbi has been gifted by that source. I just love it, and I'll probably ramble on again about loving his writing again in the future. Sooooo, love it, hate it, or ignore it, but that's how it is! A non-Jewish agnostic female has a rabbi for a mentor (and the mentor has no clue!)... Stranger things have happened...

Hope is Everything.

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