Sunday, September 26, 2010

Night lights

Night lights, originally uploaded by MKII Photography.

This is probably not the best example as far as this photographer's "style," but it is a personal favorite, and I can't put my finger on the love I have for this shot completely, as I can easily do (sometimes!) with other photos... I think it has something to do with its familiarity (the skyline I grew up seeing), ... and I've always loved (and been a bit envious!) his uncanny ability to create light effect in conjunction with the gorgeous cityscape backdrop. I've only been doing this for a year or less, and almost the entire work in my personal collection has been done with a digital camera, so I'm not familiar with film much at all. I'm assuming (underscore, "assuming!") that this is a double exposure, or he would not have been able to keep his skyline so clear while creating the lighting effect... :) I'm hoping that this particularly talented photographer will teach me a little about film photography (and about nikons!), as well as take me on a few more photo-shoots before winter (umm-stockyards!!! ahem, cough, cough...! you see, I've not been the greatest friend upon my return to Texas as far as staying in contact; and I hope that he sees this blog and that he forgives me for allowing myself to be consumed with my own personal B.S. and become somewhat isolated and stand-off-ish, as a result... I'm really sorry!!
I also am so sorry about the scavenger hunt... :( I'll talk more about that to the real Mikey (MKphotography, as seen in the pretty blue underlined print), ........ Perhaps he'll allow me to indulge him in a Guinness or something similar in repayment and as a token of my apology soon....
Dionne ;)

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