Thursday, September 30, 2010

corner of her eye.

corner of her eye., originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

I still see him/them out of the corner my eye or even hear them in the next room. I try not to make too much noise so as not to startle them. Then, I always remember. They're not there. Five minutes later, I'll do it again.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Night lights

Night lights, originally uploaded by MKII Photography.

This is probably not the best example as far as this photographer's "style," but it is a personal favorite, and I can't put my finger on the love I have for this shot completely, as I can easily do (sometimes!) with other photos... I think it has something to do with its familiarity (the skyline I grew up seeing), ... and I've always loved (and been a bit envious!) his uncanny ability to create light effect in conjunction with the gorgeous cityscape backdrop. I've only been doing this for a year or less, and almost the entire work in my personal collection has been done with a digital camera, so I'm not familiar with film much at all. I'm assuming (underscore, "assuming!") that this is a double exposure, or he would not have been able to keep his skyline so clear while creating the lighting effect... :) I'm hoping that this particularly talented photographer will teach me a little about film photography (and about nikons!), as well as take me on a few more photo-shoots before winter (umm-stockyards!!! ahem, cough, cough...! you see, I've not been the greatest friend upon my return to Texas as far as staying in contact; and I hope that he sees this blog and that he forgives me for allowing myself to be consumed with my own personal B.S. and become somewhat isolated and stand-off-ish, as a result... I'm really sorry!!
I also am so sorry about the scavenger hunt... :( I'll talk more about that to the real Mikey (MKphotography, as seen in the pretty blue underlined print), ........ Perhaps he'll allow me to indulge him in a Guinness or something similar in repayment and as a token of my apology soon....
Dionne ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

*.My.Lovely.Muse.*: lure...

*.My.Lovely.Muse.*: lure...:

Well, Well.... My younger brother should love this article! :)

Research finds firstborns gain the higher I.Q.

A study found that firstborn children have higher IQs than younger sibling. The difference was only about three points the difference between a high B average and a low A, for instance. Researchers have long had evidence that firstborns tended to be more dutiful and cautious than their siblings, and some previous studies found significant I.Q. differences. The researchers found that this difference was probably not due to biological factors by also looking at people who had become the oldest after the death of an older sibling. They found the same results for this group. One theory social scientists have about this effect is that the older sibling gets more parental attention before other siblings are born that can never be made up for by other children, who must always share their parents' attention. Older children may also gain from teaching younger siblings, benefitting more from the lessons than their students. Younger siblings may be more likely to excel in other areas not measured by intelligence tests, such as Darwin, Copernicus, and Descartes who all had older siblings.

bad thinking

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Red Jazz

I'm wastimg time again. i remain stuck and anxious. here's why.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


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that guy, kevin

i'd be remiss not to post at least two or three of his photos... after all, like i said, he would never know the difference... :)
Now that he knows i'm posting his shit on the net he wants to see... Nope, SORRY!

night fishing

This is kevin. He hates being called kevin, so that's what i call him. At the moment, he is bummed because he's soaking wet from the waist down.... he never reads my blog so he'll never know that i'm posting several photos of him and i might even make fun of him along the way. simply because... (yep) I CAN. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


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love is a myth.


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pasta, originally uploaded by Cürük visne.

found on TUMBLR - I can already tell this will be one of my favorite follows!


too.far.gone., originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

it's probably too late. but, i'm supposed to pretend like i want to be hear and try really hard to look happy. i'm not very good at it, so i'll settle for "okay."


LOOK.HARDER, originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

if you had bothered you would know. you wasted a good portion of both of our lives. ruin your life, fine. I'm sad about it, but it's your life. fuck you for messing with MY life. you had no right to take away the things and people in my life that i loved. you bitch. lie to me again. let's see what i have to say about it., originally uploaded by gogoloopie.


i'm rude. i suck as a friend, which is why i don't have many friends. i'm selfish and ever since i allowed someone i loved to devastate my psyche and crush my soul, i've only been a source of pain for others. it sounds selfish, but in a strange way, telling you to fuck off might be the kindest and most loving thing i could do for you.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

oh. . . Crap.

this is an example of a SDIP (sleep Deprivation induced psychosis), oftentimes this rare but serious disorder presents with addotional symptoms such as, delusions of granduer, an enexplicable and often times overwhelming need for a Starbuck's beverage as well as tobacco products. . . there have been reports, albeit somewhat uncommon, of periods of retrograde and anterograde amnestic episodes typically preceded by hypothalmic sleep disruption. in other words, if you suffer from this disorder (or are still engaged in reading this bullshit), you are BAT.SHIT.CRAZY.
taken (sort of ) from the DSM-IV (with minor revisions, of coarse).

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Breaking Point




Hope is Everything.

Location:Death Valley, USA

Monday, September 6, 2010

Agnostics love rabbi's too

The Cosmic Mirror

"The words we say are spoken in the heavens. And yet higher. For they are His words, bouncing back to Him.

On Rosh Hashana, we say His words from His Torah recalling His affection for our world; He speaks them too, turning His attention back towards our earthly plane.

We cry out with all our essence in the sound of the shofar; He echos back, throwing all His essence inward towards His creation.
Together, man and G‑d rebuild creation."

~ by Tzvi Freeman

..... No, I'm not Jewish. I don't even know what "the shofar" is (tell me it's a Persian sofa and I'll believe you), but I love, love, LOVE this man's (I hope that's not an offensive way to address a Rabbi, but I mean well...), meditations and he is probably the one pinhole of spiritual light that ever makes its way to this strongly agnostic (because I hate the term atheist as it suggests that I'm arrogant enough to KNOW there is no god, rather than simply not be convinced) heart and "soul" that resides within me. Like a cold tall glass of water after a long day in the desert, these meditations always inspire me, be it by the message, or simply the almost song-like writing style Freeman uses with such apparent ease. Usually, it's both. I'm always using his meditations in blogs, facebook, TUMBLR, even flickr and personal journals.... It seemed only fair to really explain why. If indeed a "G-d" does exist-whatever that may look like-this rabbi has been gifted by that source. I just love it, and I'll probably ramble on again about loving his writing again in the future. Sooooo, love it, hate it, or ignore it, but that's how it is! A non-Jewish agnostic female has a rabbi for a mentor (and the mentor has no clue!)... Stranger things have happened...

Hope is Everything.

Location:Starbuck's parking lot (USA)


IMG_2187, originally uploaded by gogoloopie.

My sweetest miracle. He saw me through the toughest of times until he died of leukemia in February of this year, a week after I moved to California. I'd like to think he made it long enough to ensure my safe passage... like a guardian angel of sorts.
Typically, I don't subscribe to such magical thinking, but it's too hard not to with an animal like Mokie.
He was truly remarkable.
I was so lucky to have him and his brother in my life...
and if this sounds silly or foolish and anyone feels the irresistible need to say so in an offensive or disrespectful way - I will hunt you down and hurt you badly. :)
Out of love, of coarse. because I am sweet. :)


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