Saturday, October 1, 2011

Llana de gracias....

take me in
.y.o.u.r. warm EMBRACE."

Take me where i need to be,
Only YOU can set me free.
I need an honest, loving guide,
With whom i can in faith abide.

Dearest Mother,
I need the shelter of your cover.
Perhaps a moment when my heart doesn't cry.

I hear that you're kind, & gentle & wise...
& We both know i cannot let my demon survive.
I've been -split- open
Ripped open inside.
My internal organs are now
chasms gaping wide.

Show me .h.o.w.
to leave this PLACE."

Can you show mercy to a dead dried-up soul?
You know I fought hard but I lost all control.
Dearest Patron of them all!
I have to answer my destiny-call.
I have this deal I made with fate,
And I am too many cycles late!
I have to meet an Santa Fe train,
He promised he could end my pain.
I want to go to the station so bad!
But I'm still
a coward,
and sad.

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