Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to Master Photography Using PhotoShop and PhotoShop Tutorials

How to Master Photography Using PhotoShop and PhotoShop Tutorials

SOOOO...... I've already published this once, but this is MY blog, and I get to decide what is most important for my blogger friends (at least, here and now).... :)
That is why I've published this post AGAIN, because it's so critical if anyone out there plans on or is already actively pursuing visual media (like.... photography!) and other digitalized arts - to become O.N.E. with this intensely provocative and infuriatingly complex program! There are millions of tutorials out there . . . Go and explore the world of photoshopping! Watch Utube videos! Google "photoshop" and see what comes up! The results will be more than you can handle! I promise! :)
This is a reminder for me as well. I've been bad about using what is "comfortable," even though the programs I use do not have a fraction of the potential that photoshop has . . . . . . Guilty as charged!
by: Dionne.Ashley  
Supernova Wannabe
this was one of my first attempts at "layers."  I've barely scratched the surface on this one, but it's a lot of fun!  it's similar to collage-ing (yeah, it's not really a word, but this is like a courtroom and I am like the judge presiding over it... that means, it's a word!!!) the old-school way, but without all the mess!
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